twinsix-handsome-cycles-speedy-devil-bike-framePRESS RELEASE: The Minneapolis cycling scene is a force to be reckoned with. The boundries of creativity and   innovation seem to be endless and its horizon is currently located firmly in our fair city. The turbo booster behind the push is community and comradery, which is plentiful here. It might be our harsh winters that draw us closer to one another. When it gets cold, there is nothing like a good snuggle. We see it as an everybody wins situation and in this case, the cycling world is the big beneficiary.

We are excited to present the 2011 Speedy Devil, Handsome Cycles’ original Devil frameset with its shoulders brushed off by the boys at Twin Six. Functional and patriotic as hell, this collaborative bicycle frameset is what George Washington would have ridden into battle if we only had a time machine to give him one.

This bike is unique from head to toe and as such, we will be producing it in very limited numbers. The Speedy Devil will only be available through authorized Handsome Cycles and Twin Six dealers and will never be reproduced. Only 130 of these framesets will be sold and each is individually numbered.

It’s all in the details. The design of the bike includes a co-branded seat collar, the well recognized “SPEEDY” downtube logo, and the mustache H Handsome logo on the headtube. Twelve graphics on each fork leg represent the amount of cylinders in the original “Twin Six” engine. The frame design is the same versatile and functional Devil you know and love. This frameset has the ability to run virtually any drive train you wish from single speed to internally geared to a deraileured up 30 speed. The dropout spacing is still 132.5 to accommodate road or mountain hubs. Throw some extra spacers on your track hub and it works great as well. The steerer tube is still 400mm long, biggest in the business (that’s what she said). Other features include relaxed head tube and seat tube angles, and tire clearance for days. We almost forgot, it has rack mounts and fender mounts galore. What more do you want?

This frameset retails for $499.95 and comes with the seat collar. The frameset will ship Spring 2011. Dealers may pre-order this limited run frameset at the Twin Six booth at Interbike (#4413) or by contacting Handsome Cycles or Twin Six directly.

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  1. “The boundries of creativity and innovation seem to be endless”

    How innovative, a repainted Surly Crosscheck.

    “This bike is unique from head to toe”

    Should read, “The paint is unique from head to toe”.


  2. I agree with Beck. There’s nothing unique other than a fancy-ish paint job.
    Relaxed angles are a feature? And at that price it’s most likely made overseas.

  3. Screw the rest of you — I LOVE this frame and paint scheme. It sings my song!

    Handsome…I’ll come check out your booth at Interbike next week. Hopefully you’re bringing one of these to show off.

  4. Love the frame, love the mounts, love the paint. This is going to be my go to frame for commuting and dirt. Awesome bike!

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