Race Face has developed a new bottom bracket that’s user serviceable, durable and lightweight. It’s engineered for trail riders that want a high performance BB that lasts.

Called the Turbine, it uses a custom 6805 16 ball retainer bearings with Titanium coated races for solid corrosion resistance and a custom triple wiper seal to better retain grease and keep contaminants out. The bearings are factory filled with Phil Wood waterproof grease, which has been tested and proven to extend bearing life.

Externally, the cups are forged and CNC machined from aerospace 6066 aluminum with a smoothed, shortened tool interface that looks sleek but still has plenty of surface area to keep it from slipping when adjusting it.

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  • Bearings are fully serviceable with our BBEXI tool.
  • Tapered wall spindle construction to minimize weight.
  • Custom CNC tool interface shaves weight while ensuring positive engagement with standard Shimano and Park tools.
  • Interchangeable with select Shimano and FSA external mountain BB systems.



  • BUILT FOR: XC and AM
  • WEIGHT: 85 grams
  • COLORS: Pewter with Silver decal
  • COMPATIBILITY: 68/73 mm shells



  1. Actually a spindle is a rod or pin serving as an axis that revolves or on which something revolves. So technically all bottom brackets can be considered spindles.

  2. Lets see the tool to service the bb with. Also of note; good seals are great but if they cause a lot of drag then they are more of a hindrance than a help. Have they addressed this? Truvativ certainly did with their new bb; a massive improvement over the old one.

  3. 2 davechopoptions:
    “Tapered wall spindle construction to minimize weight.”

    This is about Race Face’s new crankset, also called Turbine. These cranks will have two options of axle – 6AL-4V titanium or steel. Some photos you can find here.

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