Building on their CXR’s geometry and made with double butted steel, the all-new 2011 Masi CXSS singlespeed cyclocross bike looks to be more for exploring and riding than top level competition, at least with the stock tires.

Rolling off the showroom on massive 45mm wide Panaracer tires, you’d need to swap them out for UCI competitions. Even with that wide rubber, their new carbon fork has wide mud clearance. As Masi puts it: “this is the perfect bike for SS race geeks as well as those who like to go hunting trails or dirt roads.”

This bike joins their other 2011 ‘cross and road bikes, which are gloriously displayed right here. Hat tip to Drew for the heads up on this one!


  1. This bike just might be manly enough to get me off my Mtn bike I’ve commuted on forever. I’m lovin the steel single speed with room for monster cross tires tho I’ll probably look for beefy bulletproof 700x 45’s like schwalbe marathons.

  2. Love this bike. I am new to cycling and cyclocross but I own a few quality road bikes. I bought this bike new for the winter season and I like the ride/value so much that I am going to start racing cyclocross next season.

    my only problem is the gearing can be to light. I find myself getting out of the seat on steep climbs but I max the gears out easily on flat ground which is depressing.

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