PRESS RELEASE: Boise, Idaho based K-Edge Cycling Solutions, a division of AceCo Sport Group and Lincoln, Nebraska based Tomac Bikes have collaborated on what could be considered the most technically advanced chain suck frame protection ever developed. The K-Edge Anti-Chain Suck (ACS) was specifically designed for Tomac’s (spoiler alert) soon to be introduced Supermatic 120 carbon fiber superbike.

“When I saw the clean design and CNC detailing on the K-Edge Chain Catcher,” says Tomac owner Joel Smith “I instantly contacted the guys at K-Edge to design something for our new Supermatic.”

The ACS is CNC machined from aluminum billet and has two fully adjustable pucks that can be moved to fit a variety of chainring sizes. The ACS fits between the BB shell and the frame and is both compact and lightweight at 28 grams.

“Typically carbon fiber frames are protected by a small aluminum plate glued to the frame,“ says K-Edge’s Joe Savola. “We took a whole other approach. We wanted to keep the chain from ever having the opportunity to reach the frame. The adjustable puck system provides both maximum protection and adjustability.”

The K-Edge ACS is being built exclusively for Tomac and will come standard on the Supermatic 120. K-Edge Cycling Solutions has an aftermarket version in the works that is scheduled for release early next year.

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  1. anti-chainsuck devices are solutions to a problem that doesn’t exist if you maintain your equipment properly.

    I haven’t experienced chainsuck in probably 10 years.

  2. people who say the problem doesn’t exist just don’t ride varied enough terrain. Try winter field and trail riding in the UK winter and you’ll be cursing chain suck shredding your frame within minutes. why would a company manufacture something to solve a problem that doesnt exist?! Chain suck is caused by the chain clinging passed the departure point on the crank, where i ride, that just needs a mile of muddy trails and the chain is sticking, cassette locking up, you name it.

  3. great thing, definitely going to buy one
    already asked Joe Savola who told me it should be on sale from the middle of January
    can’t wait

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