Rotor’s pumping out the goods this fall with some hot new 3D Cranks and Q-Rings, plus several bottom brackets that let you run standard cranks in your BB30 frame or vice versa!

Shown above is the new 3D+ crank, based on the venerable 3D, updated with a 30mm axle. These cranks are fully compatible with BB30, BBright and any conventional  BSA threaded frame. For an ultra rigid crank their weight is impressive: just  470 grams for the compact version and  493 grams for the XC2 version (without BB/chainrings). These cranks are certified to the EN14781 standard, one of the most demanding tests in the market.

Modeled on the crankset above are the new Q-Rings with updated, bolder laser graphics, upgraded pins and revised teeth profiles to improved shifting precision and prevent chain sucks.

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3D Aero (shown) & Track cranks: These new 3D crank variants, designed for TT and Track bikes, have a closed spider design with an ultra-light, aerodynamic, reinforced structure. The Track version increases overall stiffness compared to an open spider crank to fulfil the demands of track racing.

BSA30 BB: ride an ultra-rigid, super-light 3D+ crank in your BSA threaded frame. High precision ceramic and steel Enduro bearings. Extremely low dynamic rolling resistance.

rotor-bb30-to-24-custom-bottom-bracketRotor’s new “BB30 to 24” bottom bracket lets you install your classic 24mm cranks in any BB30 frame without problems and lets you set your BB30 frame up exactly as you want, in a light and affordable package. It uses their latest generation seals to protect against mud with smooth spinning.

rotor-2011-s3x-carbon-titanium-handlebarS3X XC Handlebar complements the recently launched S3X stem. It’s made of  unidirectional HM carbon fiber with titanium chainmail reinforcement at the bar end and stem clamping zones to prevent structural carbon damage. Weight is a mere 120 grams. 580mm wide with 5º bend, oversized 31.8 clamp area only.


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