Nuvinci / Fallbrook Technologies’ new N360 hub drops size and weight while increasing its gear range over their original model. In the process, they seem to be picking up quite a bit of regular and e-bike OEM placements both here and afar.

Gepida, Mosquito, Raleigh, Victoria, Ellsworth, Breezer and Organic have all spec’d the new N360 on their bikes for 2011. The system will also be available as an aftermarket kit for those wanting to convert their current cruiser or commuter.

The system uses a CVP (continuously variable planetary) transmission that replaces gears with spheres. This gives it an infinite number of ratios between the lowest and highest setting. There is a 360º range of gearing available, which is slightly less than the 409º on Shimano’s new 11-speed Alfine, which relies on individual gears.

The new N360 reduces the amount of shifter rotation required to change the ratio, and it shifts easier under load. For e-bikes, being able to shift when stopped will help reduce power usage by getting into an easier gear for takeoff without having to be moving to change.


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