Even the Knog cycle computer looks a little too much like a computer for any chic fixed gear bike that eschews all extraneous bits like, you know, functionally wide handlebars. But for those that simply have to know how fast they’re skinny jean painted legs can turn that 42/16 gear combo, this concept from Redfish Creative may appeal.

The leather and brushed metal finery holds a retro style dial speedometer, with an extended handle that holds an odometer and doubles as a lever to ring the (digitally recorded) bell. There’s also an analog clock inset in the speedometer’s face, and the odometer can switch between showing trip and total distance. Info comes from a wheel sensor mounted to the fork.

Via Switched.


  1. looks like you should be able to cook mac N’ cheese with it- a really really little serving of it so you won’t out grow your skinny jeans…Just like hipsters..trying to hard.

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