Photo by Mike Breen of rider Timo St Anton.

Afroman, Banannas in Pajamas, and Indian Chiefs are only a few of the characters that are sure to gather at this year’s Single Speed World Championships in Rotorua,  New Zealand. Coming off of the 2009 SSWC that were held in Durango, CO, SSWC 2010 promises to be one for the ages with over 900 competitors from over 30 countries! To put that in perspective, the previous best was SSWC04 held in Berlin which saw riders from only 17 different countries.

Rotorua is nicknamed the “Spiritual home of mountain biking in New Zealand,” and looks to be a great fit for a mountain bike race on such a grand scale. The actual race will be held on the primo single track of the Whakarewarewa Forest. If you’re not quite sure what SSWC is all about, just image 900 or so mountain bikers, all on single speeds, and most of them in costume. It is a giant part, with a race somewhere in the middle. Oh, and the winner doesn’t get a trophy, they get a tattoo. Rad Ross Schnell and Heather Irminger were the lucky recipients of some fresh ink from last years single speed riot.

How do you get to host the SSWC? You can start by hosting your own single speed championship race, and if all goes well and no one gets arrested then you can show up at the SSWC and plead your case. While at SSWC09, Rotorua Single Speed Society members Vicki Butterworth, and John McCartney laid the groundwork to secure NZ’s place in hosting this years event, with two very successful races already hosted by the RSSS.

The race is to be held on October 23, 2010, now less than 60 days away.

(PS- photo cred to Mike Breen, who mentions that the titanium ‘Cruiser’ bike Timo is shown riding is his creation: it’s a “Bad News” and the brand is Zone 3.)

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Nic Leary and Mark 'Cabin' Leishman are 2 of the top New Zealanders
Nic Leary and Mark 'Cabin' Leishman are 2 of the top New Zealanders


  1. […] Single Speed World Championships down in Rotorua, New Zealand are just a week away, but it’s not too late to sell a bodily organ and get yourself a plane ticket. Niner Bikes will even give you a free beer if you show up to their party Thursday night astride a Niner Bicycle. That free beer will do a lot to offset the cost of your $2000 plane ticket. Hey, beer is very expensive in Rotorua. There will also be a raffle to benefit the Rotorua Single Speed Society, which I believe is a non-profit group dedicated to getting at risk youth off of geared bikes and the imbibing of neon green electrolyte drinks and onto single-speed bikes and the swilling of brown, diuretic, inebriating beverages. […]

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