felt_z2_2011Yesterday, we showed you Felt’s F and AR Series road bikes, and today we’ll be continuing with the full Z and ZW Series road bikes. Borrowing much manufacturing technology from their pure-bred racing F-Series siblings, the Z offer a taller headtube, for a less aggressive riding position. At only a superlight tube’s weight away from 15 pounds, the Z2 pictured above comes with Shimano Di2 and RS80 wheels for $6,499 (for those keeping track, the Di2 kit alone costs close to $3,000). Check out the rest of the Z bikes, plus the women’s specific ZW bikes, after the jump. For all the mountain bikers, we’ll have their full MTB line tomorrow!


The Z4 shares the Z2 frame, with a slight change in the fork and Shimano Ultegra components. Add Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels, and it’s priced at $2,999.

felt_z5_2011The Z5 offers a budget minded bike, at only $1,999. It’s a downgrade in frame/fork from the Z4 and to Shimano 105 components, but still weighs in at almost 18 pounds even.

felt_z6_2011The Z6 rounds out the full-carbon portion of the Z line by using the non-Shimano shifter/brake levers we saw near the bottom of the F Series to bring this sub-19 pound model in at $1,599 with Shimano 105 components.

felt_z85_2011The Z85 switches over to an aluminum frame, with Shimano 105 components, for a sub-20 pound, $1,149 bike.

felt_z100_2011The Z100 provides a budget alternative to enter the sport of road cycling, using a mix of Shimano and non-Shimano components to keep the price at $799.

felt_zw4_2011For 2011, Felt is offering the ZW Series road bikes, which offer not only a women’s specific geometry, but also a different frame contruction to better suit a woman’s riding style and weight. They are also offering a 650c wheeled size in each model, for the Petite frame size. The ZW4, pictured above, has Shimano Ultegra and Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels, weighs 16 pounds, and will cost $2,999.

felt_zw5_2011The ZW5 uses a different carbon fork than the ZW4, drops to Shimano 105 with a 28-hole Mavic CXP-22N wheelset and will run $1,999.

felt_zw6_2011The ZW6 again pairs Shimano and non-Shimano components for a full-carbon offering at $1,599.


felt_zw95_2011The ZW75 and ZW95 finish up the women’s line, with budget-minded aluminum bikes. Using 10 speed and 9 speed, respectively, non-Shimano shifter/brake levers, they are able to bring these to you for $1,149 and $799.

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