Neilpryde Alize Dura Ace
Neilpryde Alize Dura Ace

Arguably the world leader in wind surfing equipment, Neilpryde has decided to take that knowledge of carbon fiber design and manufacturing and apply it to the world of high end road bikes. Taking it one step further, Neilpryde has teamed up with BMW Designworks USA in an effort to produce the highest level of product, all available direct to the consumer.

Truth be told, the bikes look pretty good especially for a first time effort. Although with BMW Designworks on your side, there’s really no excuse for a poor design. So far there are two models to choose from, the aerodynamic focused Alize and the lightweight focused Diablo. Each model is available in three colorways, and comes in a Full Dura-Ace or Ultegra build or is also available as a frameset.

The Alize is designed with an aero seatpost while the Diablo goes with more traditional round post presumably to save weight. Both models will be stocked with Mavic Ksyrium Elite or SL wheels, and an FSA cockpit set up. Neilpryde offers a 10 year warranty on the frames with 2 of those years for the paint and decals. Even though the Neilpryde sells directly to you, their bikes aren’t exactly cheap with prices ranging from $3,950 to $5,400 depending on the model and build group. Even if you factor in their free shipping, this still works out to be right about where most shop bikes fall as far as price, if not higher depending on the model. Although, if you want something different and you only want you to work on your bike this might be right up your alley.

Check out the Diablo after the break!

Neilpryde Diablo Dura Ace
Neilpryde Diablo Dura Ace

Be sure to check out their site, and build your bike!

From Neilpryde:

Hong Kong, 11 August 2010… NeilPryde, the world’s leading brand of Windsurfing Sails and Rig Supplies, announces the launch of its two high-performance road bikes. Developed in collaboration with DesignworksUSA, a global design consultancy and subsidiary of the BMW Group, Alize and Diablo mark an extension of the NeilPryde brand into the bike industry. The bikes will debut at one of Europe´s biggest cycling races, the Vattenfall Cyclassics 2010, Hamburg, Germany from 13 to 15 August.

DesignworksUSA brings its knowledge in creating premium designs for mobility related products from the automotive industry to aircrafts and yachts leveraging its global leadership in translating distinct brand values into compelling design solutions. “This is a bold step forward, both in terms of the products’ design and the evolution of the NeilPryde brand, and we’re sure it will be a resounding success from both perspectives,” said Laurenz Schaffer, President, DesignworksUSA.

The Alize focuses on aerodynamic performance through optimized tube profiling and an extended Kammtail. The changing aerofoil profile along the length of the tubes manages the airflow specific to the aerodynamic characteristics of each element – frame, forks, wheels and components. The Alize incorporates a progressive Kammtail profile in the lower 1/3 of the down tube, with the extended trailing edge morphing into a squared-off surface, enabling a more efficient transition from the down tube to the seat tube. “Using a Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling system, we were able to create a design that tricks the airflow to remain laminar around the down tube, seat tube and rear wheel,” said Magnus Aspegren, Director of DesignworksUSA’s Singapore Studio.

NeilPryde and DesignworksUSA developed an exoskeleton design of continuous carbon fibres fully integrated into the monocoque front triangle for the Diablo. Stiffness ribs were also incorporated into strategic locations on the fork blades, chain and seat stays. The design created allows carbon fibres to run continuously through tube-joint-tube transitions, resulting in a frameset that has been optimised for its unique material characteristics. “We are extremely proud of the two bikes that reflect our brand essence and attitude,” said Michael Pryde, Group Sales and Distribution Manager at NeilPryde. “Our heritage in elegantly engineering winning products in the water sports arena is now expanded beautifully to the cycling world,” Pryde added.


  1. Form the side on shots – they do not look good. Perhaps one for the multi-sport crowd only. They are far from desirable. Maybe they need a mast and a sail?

  2. The pictures here don’t really do the bikes justice… I saw some other ones on their site, including a matt all-black version and those look SICK!!!

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