What has a 100 year warranty, the best crash replacement program in the biz, and comes from the land down under? That would be a Teschner frame, newly available to the US. Teschner started buisness in Byron Bay, Australia in 1990 and has quickly become a recognizable name in performance and design when it comes to high performance road bikes.

Peter Teschner has been hard at work with his company for some time, and while Teschner bikes are huge in Australia, they are just starting to gain a foothold elsewhere. This may be due to the fact that Peter takes so much pride in his product that he offers what seems to be the best crash replacement policy in the industry. Crash your bike bad enough to ruin it before 3 years after the original purchase, and you get a replacement frame and fork for only 50% of the total cost. Did I mention that racing doesn’t void the policy?

The frames look great and have some pretty solid numbers to back them up.

Check out all the models after the break.


This is a built up Teschner SL9, which is their lightest carbon road frame. The SL9 is a high modulus frame finished in a 1k weave top layer for finish qaulity. The bike you see above is full Dura Ace, with Easton EC 90 SL wheels and weighs just under 15 pounds.

•    Optimized Composite Construction and race tuned Geometry
•    Exclusive TESCHNER High Modulus 1K Carbon
•    Frame weight 850 gr.
•    Fork weight 390 gr.

Complete frame set includes: Fork, Headset, Carbon Seatpost, Seat Post Clamp, Cable + Chain Stay Protector, Spare Replaceable Derailleur Hanger


The SL7 is the little brother to the SL9 and even comes out of the same mold. The difference between the two frames is that the SL7 is a unidirectional High Mod frame that forgoes the 1k top coat. This makes the frame a little heavier and comes in at about 1000 grams.

  • Maximum stiffness and race tuned Geometry
  • Toray High Modulus UD Carbon
  • Frame weight 1000 gr.
  • Fork weight 390 gr.

Complete frame set includes: Fork, Headset, Seatpost, Seat Post Clamp, Chain Stay Protector, Spare Replaceable Derailleur Hanger


Last but not least is the 703 Aero TT-Tri frame. Obviously decreasing drag was the name of the game here, and the frame features internal cable routing, an aero seatpost, and a uniquely shaped fork.

  • Optimum aerodynamic performance based on FEA analysis & research
  • Toray High Modulus UD Carbon Monocoque
  • Frame weight 1200 gr. – 1350 gr. due to size
  • Aero fork weight at 429 gr.

Complete frame set includes: Aero Fork, Front & Rear Aero Brake Callipers + Pivot Studs, Front Brake Cable Stops, Headset, Carbon Aero Seatpost, Seat Post Clamp, Chain Stay Protector.

If these frames ride anywhere near as good as they look, you can expect some serious growth of the brand here in the US. Check out the rest of the line and read more about Teschner on their site.


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