Apparently, all of Former President Bush’s mountain bike crew, dubbed “Peloton 1”, are riding 29ers and he was interested in trying one out for himself. So, Niner bike co-founders Chris Sugai (pictured) and Steve Domahidy personally delivered a Jet 9 full suspension bike to the former President so he could try it out on the trails near his vacation home in Kennebunkport, Maine. According to Steve, he’s a fast technical rider and dropped 3 minutes off his best time while riding the Jet 9.


  1. Hope he stays the wrong way up on it. At least the shock and awe worked in part, the uk is still shocked and i’m in awe the twat knows what a pedal is

  2. You guys are pathetic for censoring comments. What I said wasn’t full of expletives. Your site sucks and you guys are pseudo journalists. Going to bikeradar instead!

  3. @topmounter .. lol. yes may be. but as far as i know mr. bush smoked some stuff too.
    Well i’m not from the US. I’m from europe. and an advertisment for a mountainbike with Mr. bush on it would not raise the sells at all….
    operah would sell more bikes them him 🙂

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