We saw these on a Team Topeak-Ergon rider’s Facebook page, checked with Continental’s U.S. importer, Highway 2, and here’s the official deal: These, along with a LOT more new tires, particularly for 29ers, will be shown at Interbike. None of them…let me repeat, NONE of them…are actually available at retail anywhere in the world at present that Hwy2 knows of, and they won’t hit U.S. dealers until probably November or December. About the only way you’ll get your hands on them before that is to be a super stud sponsored endurance athlete.

We’ll get the full scoop at the tradeshow in a month.  More photos after the break…



Apparently pronounced Cross King, they’ll be available in 2.2 and 2.4 widths. An interesting note regarding running Conti tires tubeless: When talking with Brett at Hwy2, he said that while ammonia based tubeless sealants like Stan’s, etc., will eventually eat away at butyl rubber tires like Continentals (among others), the tires’ tread will wear out long before that happens, so you’re perfectly fine running them tubeless.

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