Nifty Top Tube Protection Found in Key West


Walking around Key West, I found this Origin 8 fixed gear bike locked up with the Huffy 3 mixte. What caught my eye was the clever use of bar tape to protect the top tube. I’m sure you big city folk have seen this before, but I hadn’t and thought it was a much more elegant method of keeping the paint from scratching than some other things I’ve seen.


One thought on “Nifty Top Tube Protection Found in Key West

  1. Wouldn’t work so well if you ran gears or a rear brake (depending on how they’re routed), since you need the looseness of a standard top-tube cover to clear your cables. But it sure looks infinitely better than the standard socks. And the only people who I see running TT-covers are on single-speeds anyway, so it’s probably a moot point.

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