If you’ve never checked out Sufferfest’s workout vids, they’re among the best out there and are only available via download, making them pretty green (no packaging, shipping, etc., plus you get them right away. Wave of the future folks.)

We’ve reviewed their first (The Downward Spiral) and second (Fight Club) videos, have used their third (Revolver) but haven’t reviewed it yet, and now the fourth installment of the maddeningly punishing workout videos is here: Angels. Here’s the official sadistic description:

After the flatlands of Downward Spiral, the circuits of Fight Club and the mud and grit of Revolver, it’s about time for some climbing, isn’t it? The next video, Angels, will be out on October 1st. It’s going to hurt. Badly. You will grovel. It’ll feature a 10min over/under session, followed by three 8 minute climbs. Professional race footage will feature Paris-Nice, Dauphine Libere and Liege-Bastogne-Liege. Think you can beat Contador on Alpe d’Huez? Here’s your chance.

We can’t wait.

What do you think?