Enzo’s ButtonHole chamois cream gives DZ Nuts a run for its money in product names, and it appears to have some quality ingredients to back it up. Plus, it’s priced well ($20 for 8oz, comparable or better than other popular brands, less than half the cost per ounce of DZ Nuts).

We just got samples in to review and haven’t tried it yet, but the ol’ rubbing it between our fingers test reveals a good creamy, slippery feel with a really nice aroma. A full review will come soon.

ButtonHole has the tingly ingredients like Assos or Euro Chamois Butt’r, plus stuff  like melaleuca alternifolia, hamamelis virginiana, and mentha piperita that have disinfectant and astringent properties to keep your button infection free. Enzo’s claims that regular use will also help alleviate and eliminate existing saddle sores and infection, should you be suffering from such maladies.

ButtonHole contain no parabens, mineral oils, DMDM Hydantion, Oleth-10 or Triethanolamine.

What do you think?