Set to hit stores later this year, WTB has upgraded their two most popular saddles with carbon composite shells and carbon fiber rails.

The Silverado, a mostly mountain bike saddle, and the Valcon, which works double time as a road and off road seat, both get the upgrades, saving 30g over the already respectably light hollow titanium railed versions.  The Silverado Carbon will weigh in at 170g and the Valcon Carbon at 165g. MSRP on both is $250.

The the shell and the rails aren’t the only thing new about them. Both get a new embossed microfiber cover that’s lighter and more durable than the leather or synthetic covers on the lower level saddles. Both get WTB’s DNA padding, and the Valcon gets their LuxZone cutout in the center. The Silverado Carbon has kevlar corners at the rear to keep it from ripping when you’re, uh, ripping a little too hard.

Valcon shown above, hit ‘more’ to see the Silverado…


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