If you have been watching the Tour at all, you may have heard Phil Liggett mention the movie Chasing Legends. Taking a break from commentating on one heck of a Tour thus far,  he mentioned that Chasing Legends was a fantastic movie definitely worth seeing.

If you haven’t had a chance so far, and you will be near Hollywood CA in the middle of August, this is your chance to catch the last advertised theater showing. The screening is being hosted by Jason Chiodo, who not only works as a professional sound re-recording mixer at a post-production facility in Hollywood, but has also been wrenching in shops for over 15 years (gotta give credit to us shop guys who lead double lives!). Jason put the finishing touches on Gripped Film’s Chasing Legends which is a Tour de France documentary. Gripped Film’s have also produced the cycling movies Off Road to Athens, and 24 Solo, which are also great cycling films.

The screening is to be held at Cinespace Hollywood which is a laid back casual movie theater with state of the art projection equipment. Why limit guests to 21 and up? Well Cinespace also happens to have a bar, which can only add to the enjoyment of a great film about bike racing.

If you can’t make it, be sure to order the 2 DVD set from the Chasing Legends website, which is on sale now. Order tix for the screening here.

What do you think?