Relentless NASS festival went off in the UK over the past weekend and as usual there was some utterly bananas riding and some gnarly crashes, particularly in the street finals. Check out the video above to see Sam Ward more or less mimic last year’s biggest crash by transferring the biggest gap in the room and smashing his head tube off the bike. Warning: the crash is not for the faint hearted…

Check out the final placings and the dirt finals video after the break. Check out Ride UK for much more of the festival’s goings on.

Street final placings:

1. Mark Webb
2. Alex Coleborn
3. Ben Hennon

4. Ben Wallace
5. Dean Ceuson
6. Kelly Bolton
7. Aaron Nicholson
8. Todd Mayne
9. Josh Perry
10. Tobias Wicke

Dirt Final placings

1. Matt Priest
2. Jack Marchant
3. Matt Burton

4. Dan McGeary
5. Bob Manchester

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