Specialized’s Globe brand of city and commuter bikes introduced their new 5-bike series of upright cruisers called Daily.

Available in three men’s and two women’s models, their trim levels are primarily differentiated by the drivetrain, but each has unique cargo methods, too. All of them have full alloy frames with internal rear brake cable housing, with the upper models getting alloy forks (the lower end Daily 03 gets a steel fork).

Shown above, the singlespeed Daily 03 men’s bike gets full fenders, a large front basket and a full length chainguard. MSRP is $500. I didn’t ask to confirm, but there are threads on the other side of the hub, so you can likely run it as a fixed gear, too.

Check out the rest after the break, along with a little ride report of two of the models…

2011-specialized-globe-daily-1-01 2011-specialized-globe-daily-1-02

More pics of the Daily 03. My friend Joseph rode this one and really enjoyed it. For hilly terrain, the gearing was a little steep for the climbs and a little quick for the descents…which is typically the case with singlespeed bikes. On the flats, though, it seemed to be just right.


The Daily 02 uses a traditional rear derailleur with a cuff protector chainring, and it upgrades to metal pedals. The handlebars are a bit bigger and taller, it keeps the full fenders, but uses a small rear rack with aluminum tray. Actually, for 2011, all Globe models are moving to aluminum trays to replace the better looking wood ones (our opinion). Their product manager says they did it for eco reasons, but on a couple we rode there was a bit of rattling on one of them. Could have just been loose, but we’d still like to see the wood offered, at least as an option. MSRP is $650.

2011-specialized-globe-daily-2-01 2011-specialized-globe-daily-2-02


Like all the other Globe bikes, the headbadge is empty and lets you put your own artwork in there.  I rode an XL Daily 02 about six miles over rolling bike paths and it was pretty sweet. The steering is quick thanks to a very upright, steep headtube, and it was fun. The brakes are a little weak, but they are traditional road calipers, so you could put stronger brakes or better pads if you get serious about whipping around town at speed. For most people, they’re probably adequate, though.


The top-of-the-line Daily 01 gets an 8-speed internally geared hub with full chainguard and fenders. It uses the same big handlebar as the 02, and it adds a kickstand. There are holes on the others for mounting a kickstand, but they didn’t have them included.  These pictures don’t do this blue color justice…it’s a beautiful cornflower/baby blue in person. MSRP $750.

2011-specialized-globe-daily-3-02 2011-specialized-globe-daily-3-04



The women’s models come in Daily 02 (above) with eight speeds courtesy of a derailleur and trigger shifters. Pricing and features are similar to the men’s models.


The women’s Daily 03 is a singlespeed and gets the big front basket just like the guy’s model.



  1. Is it just me, or is a fork the one frame component where the material actually can affect ride-quality in a tangible way? That’s probably the only place where steel actually makes a difference over alloy, so an alloy fork as an upgrade sounds goofy to me…

  2. I agree on the steel fork. Unless it’s just a total pig, I’d choose steel for ride quality.

    Very nice looking line. I’d bet I could replace the rack deck with wood pretty easily (but I’d rather have a basket anyway).

  3. Tyler – looks like you might have the 01’s and 03’s backwards. The pics are showing the 03’s are the top enders.

  4. I have an alloy fork on my Live 1 (which is very similar to the Daily) and seems to ride very nice. Plus it makes the bike lighter making it easier to carry up the stairs to my APT. Also, i bet the cheap steel fork on the lowest model weights a ton…

    How they didn’t get rid of the Live? That would make me very sad…

  5. I spoke with the product manager for Globe and he said the alloy fork is much nicer, saves a ton of weight and rides just as well as the chromoly version. To keep costs reasonable, the chromoly fork they spec is “nice, but not super high end, and is a fair bit heavier. It’s butted and custom swaged, but it’s not Reynolds or anything.”

    Because the chromo version is thicker walled, he said the thinner tubed alloy version soaks up the road vibrations just as well, and the large, wide handlebars provide some bump dampening, too.

  6. Hi, I’m on the Globe team and I would like to correct some of the information in this article.

    First, there are actually three different models – Daily 1, Daily 2, and Daily 3 – all come in standard or step-through versions, which makes six total bikes.

    Also, this is not a cruiser bike. Its designed to be used for commuting and errands.

  7. I have the Daily 3 and love it. A very nice ride. Would like it more if it had the 8 speed Nexus instead of the 7. The weight on this bike off the show room floor was 29 lbs. No bad for a fendered bike with rack.

  8. I just bought a Daily 3 and it’s a really nice ride. I’ve put about 50 miles on it already and I really can’t find anything to complan about at all. Suprising light weight, very solid ride, nice fit and finish. I’m looking forward to many years of good riding in the future.

  9. I live in Ontario , Canada which still being in the midst of winter is buried in a mound of snow. However I can’t wait to get my new bike and get out on it. I’m seriously looking at the Daily 2 with the 8 speed derailleur. Anybody have any experience with this middle of the line model? Wondering how it compares performance wise to the 7 speed internally geared Daily 3. Incidentally Globe, you only offer the 2 in the root beer color in Canada so we miss out on that beautiful dark blue color.

    Dave W.

  10. I test-rode an 02 yesterday. Loved it! Is it available only in the darker blue? Would like it in the beautiful cornflower. I think I have found my next bike…..:)

  11. I recently bought a specialized Globe city 6 & love it . I would like to put larger tires on it & need info how large can I go with the rims on the bike. Currently tire size is 700 x 28c.

  12. I recently just bought Daily 1. Its a last piece so I’m considering of putting internal on it. What type of gear you guys think better? Nexus 3 or Arcer S3 and can anyone help with the right sizing, please advice & thanks

  13. Hi All I just bought a locked bike at auction. I’m assuming “locked” is a problem, like no key!!! Any one have ideas about unlocking?

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