BMC’s new video shows how their “robot technology” led to the creation of their new Impec road bike. Short for “impeccable”, it’s being ridden by Cadel Evans, who says it’s flawless and apparently loved it the first time he rode it.

Using robots to weave each tube individually rather than lay up sheets of pre-woven carbon fiber, BMC says each tube, nay, each section of each tube can be perfectly calibrated to yield the desired performance. Check the video while we work on getting some photos of this rig…


  1. hmmmm…IIRC the folks @ TIME have been doing this for YEARS!

    verrr nice bike just the same, but it’s not a particularly innovative production process.

  2. I don’t pretend to be a carbon engineer but TIME bikes layup the carbon in sheets; BMC actually controls the fibers spun into the carbon. I also thought TIME and BMC were doing the same thing but was informed on other websites that BMC took it to the next level with their “robots” and control of the actual strands of carbon.

  3. And they said those University basket weaving course would never pay off, boy were they wrong! I guess they never figured we would be riding basket woven carbon fiber bicycles around when they said that!

    Here is a great quote for Cadel Evans if he doesn’t win the Tour de France!

    As Colonel Hogan from Hogan’s Heroes once eloquently stated: “Alright, alright fellows– remember it’s not whether you win or loose it’s how you weave your basket that counts.”

    Actor: Bob Crane
    Show: Hogan’s Heroes
    Episode: S3E24
    Title: What time does the Balloon go up?

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