Announced just prior to the start of the Tour de France, the 2011 Scott F01 claims to be the perfect blend of lightweight, stiffness and aerodynamics. You can check the original post for more details, this one’s all about us finally finding some quality photos of the bike, via Scott’s Flickr page.

These images illustrate the differences between Scott’s design with a very broad, flat backside to the tubes versus Trek’s  Kammtail and other recent aero designs.

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  1. I like the internal cable routing, but think the rear dérailleur should have been routed through the top tube, and down the seat tube. That 4″ piece of cable housing at the dérailleur looks like its on a torture rack. With parallel running strands, that cable is NOT going to like the routing at all.

  2. I thought the same thing initially but then realized that was a wire for electronic DA and not a shift housing. With a normal derailleur the housing goes in the back so it will have a much longer and smoother loop.

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