Fulcrum has completely revamped their Racing 7 wheelset for 2011, making them lighter and stiffer.

Starting at the rim, they improved their production process (how, exactly, isn’t laid out) to reduce weight, and they’ve added a wear indicator so you know when they’ve had enough. They have a black ano finish with new white graphics. Rim depth is 24mm.

The front hub is new with reinforced spoke seats, sealed bearings and a black ano finish. In the rear, the hub now has an oversized driveside flange. The rear wheel uses mixed spokes: 16 round stainless steel spokes on the driveside with a curved (ie. J-bend) head and 8 straight pull spokes on the non-drive side.

Weight for the wheelset is 1849g, or 81g lighter than the previous model. It’s compatible with Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM cassettes.

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