We got this video from Paul (thanks!) with a note that says bikes with the Gates Carbon Belt Drive are taking Europe by storm…and if the Schindelhauer Viktor is typical of the urban bikes rolling around there, we can see why.

Early in the video are plenty of delicious frame details. Anyone that’s looked into the belt drive knows that the frame needs to brake somewhere in the driveside rear triangle to let the belt in. Well, the Viktor takes the cake in terms of how they do it…photos after the break, too!


While the Viktor is a sweet bike overall, the piece de resistance is the Schindelhauer Belt Port (SBP), which is the silver bit shown above.  Here’s how they describe it:

“We like the idea of the drive belt blending in with the back frame triangle. Unfortunately, the laws of physics prevent that option. Due to Schindelhauers patent pending SBP-System the opening is well hidden and changing your drive belt is easily being done. A fixed connection between seat and chain stay is achieved by applying Schindelhauers positively spool piece in wave form which reflects the design of the drive belt. It can easily be removed and also reinstalled. By applying a continuous screw connecting all components, the original stiff state is restored and it looks like as nothing has ever been changed. No more an annoying quantity of diverse transmission or screw connection affecting your eyesight- just pure aesthetics of the invisible remains. If it involves a Schindelhauer Bike, this application goes visibly unnoticed.”


Keeping the belt drive nice and tight is their unique Crocodile Belt Clamping System, which again is best described by Schindelhauer:

“Gatesâ„¢ belt has to be kept under tension which Schindelhauer’s patent pending Crocodile clamping system can easily fulfill. The axis can be moved infinitely variable by easily twisting the tooth lock washer resulting in an exact adjustment of the belt prestressing. Our primary objective was to develop a system that is easy to handle. By using a tool made by Schindelhauer or a 17 open-jaw wrench the coni-cal spring washer is twisted clockwise. The gearing releases the axis backwards, resulting in the prestressing of the belt. The axis is fixed by using an Allen wrench. Singelspeed and Fixed-Gear bikes made by Schindelhauer are equipped with a Crocodile clamping system on both sides of the back wheel. All components used consist of nitro steel and ensure a protection against corrosion. Riding your bike for a hell of a long time in that manner would still see it operating flawlessly. ”


The frame is 7005 smooth-welded aluminum with triple-butted tubes. Retail is €1,195.



Check out their other models on their website, they’ve got various models with belt drive, Shimano Alfine and ladies frames, too.


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  3. I have received my Schindelhauer bike just yesterday, and I am very disappointed. Switching between fixed and free wheel is incredibly difficult, and requires special tools that are not included, and not easily available unless you live close to a Schindelhauer retailer. The Schindelhauer product video is misleading, it suggests that you can do the switch at the turn of a knob. In reality, you need to take apart an overengineered system using four different tools, and make sure you do not loose the spacers and screws that are only needed in the fixed mode. This operation would literally takes minutes on a conventional flip-flop hub equipped with a normal chain… I would have not expected this from a bike in this price range.

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