CNN had this video of cyclist Luke Rae in St. Johns, Canada. Not only does it give a little national coverage to the issue, but thankfully the commentator paints it in the appropriate light, pointing out “bad driver attitude” and “disrespect” from motorist. If the player above isn’t working, here’s the link.

Thanks to Sebastian for the tip!


  1. I am a cyclist, and I have had my share of near run ins with cars, but as I was watching this video, I wondered if maybe he was going out and looking for or contributing to these situations.

  2. It does look like he could be angling towards the black car backing up (and definitely sounds like he hits it with a hand or foot) but the rest don’t seem like he’s doing anything different than a typical cyclist. When he’s almost hit by the red car, you see that the cyclist has the green light when he turns around to watch the car speed off.

  3. I think he’s working a little too hard to get hit…
    He blew through that first intersection really fast he had plenty of sight distance to see the red car and he could probably anticipate what they were intending to do from a ways off.
    In the video of a car turning left in front of him, he’s cutting diagonally across the parking lot just before getting into the actual intersection right in the shadow of another car.
    The car backing out was moving so slow that I assume it would have been pretty easy to completely avoid.
    Finally, who commutes in a full face helmet? That smells to me like he’s out there looking to get hit (while still being protected)

    Now I’m not saying that any of this makes the cars right. This is a cyclist blog and we’re all on the same side – HIS! But when I’m out there on the mean streets I try to keep in mind, right of way or not, who has the most metal. And I think this guy could benefit from a mortality check.

What do you think?