Take professional downhillers Rowan Sorrell and Aimee Dix, trials genius Danny MacAskill and beard owner and skills coach Ed Oxley to a big mountain in the lake district, throw in some filming from MTBCut and what do you have? Some amazing footage and a great video to watch on a Friday afternoon to start building some excitement for the weekend’s riding ahead!

It’s amazing to watch Danny and Rowan battling it out with their very different styles. It’s also amazing to watch Danny riding at that speed, any rider that can stay with Rowan dowhill is very quick, and it goes to show that Danny has some serious skills, beyond the street trials that made him famous!


  1. WARNING — the first 5 minutes of this video are deathly boring, with comically bad music. The rest is a little better, but that beard guy creeps me out.

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