Oakley showed off the new Jawbone, which now comes in reflective silver.
Oakley showed off the new Jawbone, which now comes in reflective silver.

Oakley had some cool new updates to their Jawbone and Radar lines on display at the Tour of California yesterday. We grabbed a sneak peek of the new offerings, which include limited edition reflective sliver frames as well as new lens and earpiece colors. The photo above shows the new Jawbones, with the  stunning new reflective finish on the frames. Oakley will also offer their popular Radar frames in the same reflective finish, along with two new lens and earpiece colors which come as a package with the new frames. Check out some close ups of the new frames and pictures of the lenses after the break.

Oakley Jawbone Silver Close Up

The new frame color is a beautiful reflective silver. Oakley has never made a frame with this finish before.

New Jawbone Lenses and Earpieces

The reflective silver frames are special editions, and come with two pairs of unique interchangeable lenses and ear pieces.

New Oakley Radar Silver Sunglasses

The reflective finish also comes on the Radar frames.


The reflective Radar frames also come with the limited edition extra lenses, and the same earpiece colors pictured with the Jawbone above.

Oakley Radar with Ear Piece

The ear pieces are easy to remove, as are the lenses, so you can change the style of the glasses pretty easily.

Oakley Radar CaseThe Radars come in a molded case, with both sets of lenses and earpieces. The Jawbone comes as a package with both lenses and earpieces also, but does not include a hard case.

Oakley Radar Limited Edition

One more view of the Radars…

Oakley Jawbone Head oneAnd the Jawbones. These are worn by the likes of Cavendish and Hincapie, so you know they are cool.

Oakley says the frames will be available soon, but they are only making a few thousand of them as a limited edition run, so they will sell out quickly. They don’t appear to be available on the Oakley website yet, but they are going out to Oakley dealers soon, so check your local store. No word on pricing, but since they are a limited edition, expect to pay a bit more than the stock frames and lenses.


  1. no,they are not cool,just ’cause their worn by some guys;))this ”chrome” like frame looks really cheap to me which they aren’t

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