It doesn’t have quite the ‘cachet’ as the equally priced Mongoose fixed-speed bike that debuted at the behemoth retailer in March, but it comes with a flip-flop hub!

The Genesis TrackOne also includes a kickstand, which hopefully is the removable kind that’s bolted on between the chainstays (though I doubt it), and it gets drop bars rather than the Mongoose’s flat bar.  Here’s the full description from Walmart’s website:

The Track One from Genesis is a brand new dual drive bicycle that features the best of both worlds – single speed and direct drive. Simple in concept, but not execution – this one-speed bicycle has plenty of features. Tried and true steel frame, alloy wheel set, front and rear handbrakes, and a choice between direct-drive track style or single-speed freewheel drive.

Genesis 700C Mens Fixed-Speed Track Bicycle:

  • 700c Lightweight Track Bike (editor’s note: shipping weight is 39.7 lbs)
  • Front and rear alloy caliper brakes
  • Sturdy alloy rims
  • High performance racing saddle
  • Unique flip-flop hub has both a freewheel and fixed gear sprocket

And if fixed-speed bikes aren’t your thing, how ’bout a $500 carbon fiber bicycle?



  1. bought this bike expecting to have a beater bike that I could use to commute, then, eventually upgrade the parts after a month or so of use and eventually making a better bike out of it. But after riding it for 2 DAYS, LESS THAN 20 MILES, the right pedal stripped the thread inside the crank and fell off and the back of the seat was torn at the seam. Luckily I was only going about 10 miles an hour, had I been going 20 or had the hub been set into the fixed position the result could have been dangerous. I’m glad I got the bike, and not gotten injured than anyone else buying this thing and getting injured. This probably would have been a much better deal if Wal-Mart were just selling the frame for 50 bucks, it probably would be worth it and more honest. The knock-off parts like the pedals, crank, brakes, tires, wheels, and handlebar all feel like toys. If you spend $150 and expect to get more than 1 month use out of it, its probably unrealistic. Expect to spend $150 dollars and at least $150 more to get this bike up to snuff.

  2. I just started a job assembling these bikes. As a former mountain bike racer and bike geek, I would think twice before buying any bike from a non bike shop.

  3. I think this Genesis Track One Road bike is a decent bike, I use mine to work , then straight to school, maybe about 20 miles a day 6 times a week, and I have this bike for about 2 years now. Some people say its a bad bike and some people say its a good bike…well I think it depends, because you can always get the defective one, that’s why you have a 30 days warranty to break it down, that’s what I recommend before upgrading it. If you carefully review the comments at you can see more good comments than bad comments, because a lot of people love this bike, and its always sold out on most Wal-Mart Store.

  4. I bought one of these from a guy on craigslist and it’s working great. It says shipper weight 37.85 pounds but the bike itself can’t weigh more than 28 pounds (though mine has some custom parts that may be effecting that number). Major issues I have noticed is that the gear ratio is 44/16, which give you 4 skid patches. Which means if you intend to be a fixie legend with no brakes, skidding like a mad man, this is not the bike for you. Also the seat post clamp is very low quality and will need to be replaced if you over tighten in the slightest. all in all it’s a decent enough bike for 150.

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