clean-bottle-costumeSpot this giant living, breathing water bottle at the Amgen Tour of California and you could get a free Clean Bottle.  Where it will pull the sample bottle from is perhaps best left unsaid, but hey, we’ll do anything for freebies, right?

PRESS RELEASE: Keep your eyes peeled for a larger-than-life sized Clean Bottle running with the leaders on the climbs at the 5th Annual Tour of California, starting this Sunday.

Developed by cyclist and entrepreneur David Mayer, the Clean Bottle features a removable bottom that allows thorough cleaning of a bottle like never before possible.

“Response to the Clean Bottle has been tremendous,” states Mayer. “The main thing is to get it out in front of people. When they see the design, it makes total sense. So my mission here is to be as visible as possible, and I believe the ultimate location will be at the summit of the tallest climbs on the Tour. Keep an eye out for the best bottle in the world as the best climbers on the planet crest the mountains of California!”

The Clean Bottle retails for $10 and is available on their website and REI, among others.


  1. Saw this fellow yesterday and laughed but I have to say this is the dumbest thing going.
    The design doubles the trouble areas (all crevices/seams and threads) and creates more problems than it solves.
    I’ve got 2 bottles that are still going strong after 4500 miles and cleaning them’s a cinch with a bottle brush.
    Not a big deal and takes no time at all.

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