powerbar-pure-and-simple-natural-energy-barPowerBar has joined the ranks of energy bar companies offering “natural” energy from real food.

Their new Pure & Simple line claims* to use no high fructose corn syrup, trans fat or artificial ingredients, instead using things like oats, fruit, soy and skim milk.

They didn’t go all the way to whole food ingredients though; the bars use refined sweeteners like evaporated cane juice syrup and high maltose brown rice syrup, and sugar’s in the list, too.  So, for a mega brand owned by a mega company like Nestle, it’s not half bad.  With 5g of protein, 8g of whole grains, 2g fiber and just 130-140 calories at least it’s way better for you than one of their candy bars.  It’s actually pretty low in sodium, too.

Flavors include Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie and Roasted Peanut Butter.

* We say “claims” because the Roasted Peanut Butter flavor lists 1g of trans fat on the Nutrition Facts Panel.  Really guys?



  1. I have started to buy my “ride bars” from Lidl, I get the same stuff for a lot less cash. They sell mysli bars that are almost the same as these ones but you get a pack of 8 for 1.90 euros, they are only 25g each but really small so you can take them all with you when you go.

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