FROM ROCKSHOX: For model year 2011 RockShox products, which land on trails throughout 2010, comes a simplified and efficient way of recognizing the different models in a product family. The product line will forgo the heritage of “performance” oriented modifiers (Team, Race, SL) , the “engine size” modifiers (454, 409, 335) of the all-mountain and freeride offerings, and the rear shock adjustment modifiers (2.1, 4.2, 5.1) and communicate a standard “feature” based identifying system.

At the heart of this change is the rider. RockShox understands the scale of the entire product line and understands
how it needs to be understood by parents purchasing a bike for their child, or a world cup racer making the right choice for demanding terrain.

The simplicity of the new naming system is based in the abbreviation of “features”. This new system is consistent
across our entire product range and it will guide the end user to understand the product features.

For example, RockShox recently released information on a number of 2011 models:
The new product family “Sektor” provides a great example of the new naming system.

  • Sektor R – Rebound damping (OE only)
  • Sektor TK -Turn Key (OE only)
  • Sektor RL – Rebound damping and Lockout.

…as well as the new rear shock family “VIVID Air”

  • VIVID Air R2C – Beginning and Ending Stroke Rebound plus Low Speed Compression
  • VIVID Air R2 – Beginning and Ending Stroke Rebound (OE Only)

These are only two examples from the 2011 product line, but as RockShox introduces additional products over this riding
season there will be continued education on this new system.

Editor’s Note: This sheds some light on the prototype SID RLT and Monarch RT3 fork and shock we spied at Sea Otter!


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