sylvan-sport-cache-me-if-you-can-contestFrom Niner, who is a promotional partner in this contest:

Who likes adventure, puzzles and free stuff? Sylvan Sport is a company that makes camping trailers that work double duty to haul all your fun stuff when you head out into the hills.

Now, Sylvansport has teamed up with like-minded companies, including Niner, Burton, Kelty and more, to launch a contest that is right up your alley. The “Cache Me If You Can” contest gives clues each week to contestants, eventually leading them straight to a $14,000 jackpot of outdoor adventure gear, including a complete Niner EMD bike. Just today, we received a spy photo of the entire prize package – check it out after the break!

Go to and for more info and sign up now. The contest has already begun, but it isn’t too late! Connect with your inner treasure hunter now!


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