dot-texting-ban-action-alertYeah, this should have been banned years ago, but here it is:  The DOT is seeking comment on a proposed ban on texting by commercial motor vehicle drivers while operating their vehicles.  Click here to go to their website and download the comment form, and check out League of American Bicyclists’ comments here (opens/downloads a PDF).


  1. i drive a truck. i ride a bike. i think its absolute bullshit that this is being targeted at cmv’s only. i dont know how many idiots i see everyday texting while driving. bike, car, truck. everyone should be held accountable for the safe operation of their vehicle and for the safety of those around them. not just cmv’s.

  2. North Carolina just passed a texting ban while driving for all drivers last November, so the states are certainly free to pass more restrictive legislation. When you think of a 20+ ton tractor trailer driver being distracted versus a compact car, the imagined outcome is far worse, which is probably why the initial federal proposal is to target CMV drivers (my guess, anyway). I agree, it should be banned for all drivers…it’s just too distracting regardless of how great a driver you presume to be.

  3. The link to the Federal website (predictably) provides no way to actually give input. Like I thought they cared what the F#$% I think…

  4. How about this? I just read that 72% of teens text every single day. Teens now text more than call and 81% of college age drivers text and drive. We have heard of college freshman not having email accounts – seriously NO email address – they just use Facebook & texting. Check out our teen text & drive awareness Break the Habit campaign at as there are more facts in the articles there just like these.

    My three year old daughter was nearly run down right in front of me last fall by a texting driver. It changed me but I don’t hate texting. The way I see it, that would be like hating nightfall – its coming no matter what. The texting drivers I spoke with, including the teens and truckers, all said that laws and Big Brother type software devices that “lock down” their phones would not deter them at all. They feel their civil liberties slipping away. So I built a tool for the individual to help manage their texting on their terms. Take a look and please tell me what you think. We are not going to stop until change hits our roads and not just our laws. In the meantime, my road bike is gathering dust while my mountain bike gets used…trees don’t text and drive!

    Erik Wood, owner

  5. Comment closed on this May 3. Not sure why it is posted May 5.

    Well “beck”, you total moron. At this point, just about every state has a texting ban. Your concept that the “poor commercial drivers” are a down-trodden minority as some defense of why you should text is infuriating.

    “Erik Wood” is a further moron because he believes that it is a !#$%^& civil liberty to text while driving?! Holy !#$%^!!!!!!!!! Use that technology and protect all of your supposed liberties jackass. You better hope you kill me flat out when you are texting and hit me. I will tear your face off.


  6. Answering the call to a national epidemic Pass this site on!

    Over the past few years, an epidemic has emerged across America – an epidemic more widespread than many of us realize… affecting thousands of people and putting millions of lives at risk! The dangers of text messaging and “hands on” cell phone use are REAL and just now coming to the attention of the American public. In an effort to curb the loss of life and property damage, many states have legislated stiff fines and even jail time in some cases! The solution, however, is NOT to turn cell phone users into outlaws, but to change the way we use our phones! It is now possible to dial your phone, check and reply to voicemail, check and reply to email, even send text messages without touching your phone – simply with the power of your voice. This allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road at all times. This technology is available today and may even enable you to cut the cost of your phone service immediately upon activation.

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