Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander (aka George Costanza) reportedly struck a 14-year-old boy on his bicycle while driving in LA.

Los Angeles police didn’t cite Alexander though, likely because the boy is in stable condition and because Alexander stayed with the child until police and medics arrived at the scene.

Los Angeles police spokeswoman Norma Eisenman says Alexander hit the bicyclist at about 7:15am Tuesday and that the boy was in stable condition when he was taken to a hospital for examination. She had no additional details about the accident but said Alexander wasn’t cited.

Alexander’s publicist said the actor is grateful the boy wasn’t seriously hurt.  Perhaps he thought the kid had ridden in from Arizona.


  1. Come on guys… the last line about “riding in from Arizona” is in poor taste. This is the last place I would have expected to see someone piling on about SB1070.

    • Yeah, I knew it was borderline when I wrote it, but at least Robin can’t comment that I can’t think independently anymore!

      Apparently the gov’t folks in AZ are losing their ability to think, though. How that’ll pass constitutional tests is beyond me.

  2. Critical thought is the issue, and it’s obvious that in that comment it was lacking. It was a kid. You have kids, Tyler? Would you think it was funny if they were hit by a car? It takes a grade A jerk to make a comment like you made. You apparently just don’t get it and obviously don’t care to exercise any good taste, but hey, it’s a blog: it must be all about what makes you feel cool.

  3. Robin, I suspect you don’t write or communicate for a living. Mistakes happen, and I would say you need to lighten up. (and yes, I’m a parent). I think you would have a hard time saying in person what you just posted here.

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