SEA OTTER CLASSIC 2010 – Industry Nine had some prototype versions of their new carbon-rimmed mountain bike wheels that use a proprietary Edge Composites rim.

Presented here by Jeff Baucom who says “if I didn’t look like some sort of dirt bag in your photos, Tyler, it just wouldn’t be a good Bikerumor picture,” they’ll be available in both 26″ and 29er models, with rims for AM, XC and tubulars.

So what’s different about them?  I9 worked with Edge Composites to develop a proprietary drilling shape for the spokes.  Shown after the break, their normal spokes, which are all machined in-house in Asheville, NC, typically have a rounded head to work with standard rims from Stan’s NoTubes and Edge.  The new version uses a flatter head on the spoke to reduce stress risers in the rim, and the rim was molded specifically to accommodate I9’s thicker spokes.

As Jeff put it, the new wheelsets combine “the stiffest hub and spoke system with the stiffest rim for a wheel built with parts that are entirely made in the USA.”


The All-Mountain version (left) will have a 30mm wide rim and come in around 1720g.  The XC version will have 24mm wide rims and weigh about 1580g 1480g.  Pricing isn’t firm yet, but expect it to range between $2,500 and $2,700.


Larger spoke holes were molded into the rims for the Industry Nine models.  This creates a stronger rim than if they had drilled the holes big enough to accommodate the thick aluminum spokes.


These are I9’s standard spokes with the rounded head.  All color options should be available with the new wheels,


  1. For those prices they had better lose 400g. Ridiculous pricing for such heavy wheels. Notubes MMX wheels with ZTR hubs and DT spokes come in at 1300g and cost $600,-.

  2. Rohan, you may be missing the point… 100% american made parts, well there is the cost AND 32 aluminum spokes + carbon rim + I9 engagement = out accelerate any weight weenie wheel set from any tech corner or any start line. Besides I9 built to stans mmx will get you your 1300g wheelset with 32 spokes.

  3. Love and Hate in one in a Wheel Set. The structural engineer in me loves the I9 aluminum hub and spokes for their amazing stiffness to weight ratio and strength to weight ratio. The mechanical engineer in me loathes the I9 rear hub because of the draggy rear freewheel mechanism. As soon you come off the gas it’s like the hand God is pushing against you slowing you down. Industry Nine please fix this so that my structural and mechanical sides can be one.

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