Back in March, we posted a story on’s Race to Paris, in which every day riders could log miles ridden and be entered to win fabulous prizes. The premise of the competition was that in order to be eligible to win prizes, you had to ride the same amount of miles as the stages in the 2010 Tour de France. Ride 5 miles, you would be entered to win the prologue prize which just happens to be a Park Tool PCS-10 home repair stand. Ride 144 miles, 5 mile prologue plus the 139 miles of stage one, and you would be entered to win the stage one and prologue prizes. This prize schedule continues all the way until 2234 miles for all the stages of the Tour, and the grand prize being a complete Salsa Vaya adventure road bike. You can get the complete breakdown of prizes at  the Greenlightride website, here.

Currently, there are only 66 teams signed up so far, with anywhere from one member to 50! The Salsa Amigos, is currently in first place – but also happen to be the largest team. Collectively they have racked up an incredible 29,000 plus miles, with three riders currently that would qualify for prizes in all 20 stages.

So why are we posting this again when the race has clearly started already? Well, it’s simple really. There are over $16,000 worth of prizes, with the first prize only requiring 5 miles! Seriously, I don’t care if you’re 400 pounds and ride a beach cruiser, you could easily ride 5 miles before June! Also, even though people have reached the 2234 mile mark, that doesn’t mean they will win all the prizes. It’s a lottery after all, and you still have plenty of time to get going and record those miles. If you started now and rode just 5 miles, you’d be eligible for the Prologue Stage prize. If you ride 144 miles, you’ll be eligible for the Stage 1 prize AND the Prologue Stage prize, and so on. Averaging just five miles a day between now and July 25 would make you eligible for Stage 1–5. So get out there and ride your bike!


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