SEA OTTER CLASSIC 2010 – In addition to new tires, Bontrager pulled the cover off three new Evoke mountain bike saddles.

Built using their InForm fitting technology, there are three sizes available, each with its own specific curvature.  During their R&D, they determined that width is only half of the equation when it comes to saddle fit.  The other part is the curvature of the top and how it fits to your sit bones.  Interestingly, while I measured on the narrowest size for the Specialized Romin saddle I just reviewed, on Bontrager’s fit system I’m borderline between the medium and large, so it pays to use the in-store fitting system.

There are three levels offered in the Evoke saddle line, the R, RL and top of the line RLX.  Check out the specs and photos after the break…


Shared features among all three saddles are a rounded backside to ease off-the-back transitions on steep declines, Zone Density foam that’s firmer in the front and softer in the rear and pressure relief zones in the center channel.  They also have a slightly wider nose section compared to road saddles for better trail feel between the legs.

The RLX (above) is the lightest and has the thinnest padding, though it still has ample padding for a race level saddle.  It weighs in at 195g and retails for $139.

bontrager-inform-evolve-saddle01 bontrager-inform-evolve-saddle02

The RLX is the only one in the line that has white graphics on it, and it’s the only one that doesn’t have a WSD (Women’s Specific Design).  It, along with the RL below, has Hollow Ti rails and a carbon-reinforced shell.


The RL has more padding than the RLX and adds an abrasion resistant panel on the rear sides.  It’s $89 and weighs in at 235g for the mens (left) and 245g for the womens.


The other aspect of Inform technology is the rotational consideration given to the Ischial bones.  Where as with comfort bikes you’re in a more upright position, on mountain and road bikes you’re generally in a more performance oriented position.  These saddles adjust their shape to properly position your hip bones at the right angle.


The R series saddles move to Hollow Cromo rails, but keep the abrasion resistant panels.  They’re slightly more padded, too.  Retail is $59 and weights are 290g / 295g (Mens / Womens).


RLX on far left down to R on the right shows the varying padding thickness.


  1. No sweat. A product manager showed these to us a little while ago, and we thought he was saying “Evo,” so it’s totally understandable.

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