Brown showed what they could do for me by delivering my sweet new messenger bag from R.E.Load in time to pack it full of cameras and crap for Sea Otter.  To celebrate, I’ll be giving away whatever I can cram in it as I’m walking around the expo area in Monterey…Camelbak’s already on board, they’re hooking me, and eventually maybe you, up with their awesome Chill Podium water bottles.

Want free stuff?  Here’s how it’s gonna go down.  I’ll tweet out special code words throughout the days of Sea Otter (secret handshakes don’t tweet well, sorry).  If you spot this bag walking around, come up and say the code word and I’ll hook you up.  Only one prize per code word, first come, first served.

Follow us at @bikerumor and then look for the giant blue R.E.Load messenger bag with our logo.

What do you think?