twin-six-team-dicky-death-march-jerseyRich Dillen (aka Team Dicky) asked TwinSix to design a jersey for him…this is what happened:

T6 has been following the adventures of for years. And when the Head Dick, the Warrior of the Wasteland, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, the most Masochistic Single Speed Racer in the Universe asked us to design a jersey for him, we said, hell yeah! So we are having a pre-order week for both sleeveless and short sleeve DDM jerseys. (Both are located in the DARK section of the site). Unlike other pre-orders, we already have allotted quantities for each size. Once they are gone, they’re gone. If a size doesn’t sell out by the end of the pre-order week, we’ll sell the rest of them when they arrive in late May. Pre-order week ends Monday, April 19th at midnight Central Standard Time.

Well done, Dicky, you have your own jersey.  But these mind games won’t work on me, I’m training hard for Breck Epic.  Death march indeed.


What do you think?