Pepsi recently launched their “Refresh Everything” campaign, in which the company will be giving away $1,300,000 each month to fund social projects that make the world a better place. One cycling group has submitted an idea, as they apply for $25,000 in funding, and you can help make it happen.

Riding for Success is a group of teachers and bicycle tourists from the state of New York who want to use the money to send kids on statewide bicycle touring trips, aiming to inspire kids, promote healthy lifestyles, and foster leadership skills. The group says students will “embark on a bicycle trip across NY State. We will use the outdoors as our classroom to solve problems collectively, make decisions as a group, learn about each other and ourselves, give meaning and satisfaction to our lives, and inspire curiosity.”

As part of the Pepsi Refresh Project, all submitted projects can then be voted on by the general public, and the idea with the most votes will receive funding. To vote for Riding for Success, all you have to do is visit the campaign’s page here, and click vote. Voting runs through April 30th, so vote soon to help get kids on bikes.

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