koga-cobblecrosser-skil-shimano-paris-roubaixKoga has outfitted the Skil-Shimano team with a specially built Scandium bike called the Cobblecrosser.

Designed specifically for this Sunday’s Paris Roubaix race, it has wider stays for better tire clearance and cantilever brake bosses.  The frame is designed to be more forgiving over the body-numbing cobbles that cover the latter parts of the race.

Shimano, for their part, have outfitted the team bikes with the new remote Di2 shifters, which’ll let the racers shift from the top of the bar.  Not only will this be much more convenient, but on a rough course like Roubaix, it should be a lot safer, too.

The following riders are set to suffer on behalf of Skil-Shimano in Paris-Roubaix on Sunday: Mitchell Docker, Koen de Kort, Floris Goesinnen, Roy Curvers, Robert Wagner, Steve Houanard, Tom Veelers and Robin Chaigneau.

Check it out on Versus at 6pm EST.

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