Despite what BikeSnob has to say about this, the Blockhead Stem is pretty slick, I think.  It has an integrated brake lever for keeping your hipster bike super clean but just a smidgen safer.

The 40mm stem is made of 6061 aluminum and comes with six stainless steel screws.  It has a 0º rise and fits 1-1/8″ steerer tubes and 26mm (non oversized) handlebars.

They’re designed and offered under a Creative Commons license, so if you have access to the proper tooling and machinery, you’re welcome to make your own.  Otherwise, they’re taking orders now ($169) for shipment on April 16, just about the time we’re at Sea Otter showing you new stems from…


  1. Uhm, I’ll trust Bike Snob long before I’ll trust a site that only delivers what manufacturers want them to here. Now, if Bike Rumor actually employed critical thought, I might change my mind, but alas, bike rumor only appears to be a manufacturer mouthpiece. After all, it was you folks that actually thought that Sexy Bicycles looked good, instead of seeing them for the turds of some money grubbing marketing effort that they are.

    • Yeah, Robin, in hindsight Sexy Bikes aren’t exactly the cats meow, but this stem is pretty cool if for nothing other than the ingenuity. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and these guys put it out there, but… Oooh! Look at that shiny new part!

  2. Ingenuity? It’s a freaking block. Any freshman engineering student could come up with something just as crappy. It’s a stupid product, and the review is even more stupid. You guys should learn to think independently and use something called “critical thought.” Freakin’ brainless bloggers.

    New? Shiny? who gives a crap. What happened to quality? And what sort of brainless turd puts his brake handle on the centerline of the bike? Oh I know, the same kind of feckless turd that uses short bars ‘cuz they look so rad. So much for being responsible cyclists. I look forward to the day when crap like this either goes away or is banned, so that regular cyclists can pedal about without having to be stained by the hipster/stupid blogger stench.

    Puts it out there? What a completely stupid statement. Golly, why not give a shout out to all the other idiots out there that put something out there that, say, broke? Put it out there? Christ. Is someone supposed to take your crap seriously…….Tyler? I’m still waiting to see where you might have actually displayed intelligence, credibility, and the ability to do more than involuntarily breathe.

  3. Robin, easy there you might hurt yourself. If this blog bothers you why do you keep coming back and write essays thrashing the site. I like BikeRumor, I can scroll through and stop on things that interest me and skip the rest. Its not Tyler’s fault that he has the job that you wish you did. That is all, nothing else to see here…

  4. Let’s give Robin a break. After all, it must be really difficult being forced at gunpoint to read every site on the Internet whether you want to or not. Perhaps Robin got here after her/his (sorry, Robin’s a very ambiguous name) evil captor made him/her read several websites devoted to Glenn Beck/Bill O’Reilly fanfic, and the mood conveyed is only understood in the light of having to look at hundreds of thousands of things that he/she hates each and every day.

    Oh Robin, my heart goes out to you, and I hope that wherever you are, you find a way out of what must be a horrible situation. When your torturer takes a nap or gets something to eat, you should take that chance to go on the offensive and run away, so that you can experience the freedom that comes from being able to simply not read things that don’t interest you.

    But that’s just an idea; I’m just putting it out there.

  5. Robin, I will take for granted that your are probably one of the many Hi-vis wearing Hybrid cyclists on the Cycle to work scheme who considers any bike that has not been store bought hipster, or else someone who takes the bus and has no idea about the cycling culture. The term hipster seems to be thrown at any bike that has any hint of personal style or any custom chosen parts. I happen to have one of these brake stems, and i think it is brilliant. I ride a fixed gear bike but chose to keep a brake, is that hipster ? I happen to really love the minimal blocky design, and the fact that even though bikes have been around for a long time this is the first time two parts have been so nicely inter grated. So what in your massively well informed and intellectual opinion does that make me ? Perhaps if you put some of that time and energy you spend trawling the internet finding blogs and websites to bitch on, into something productive…you may be a happier person.

    In defense of the brake stem and personal choice, jonny

  6. WOW. How did something you *voluntarily* look at, purchase, and install get so much hate from one person. Robin posted on the home site for this thing also. I think this stem killed Robins Mother. Or more likely crushed Robins eggs…
    Really, Robin, how do you get so worked up about something you dont want?
    Personaly, I think it is a great idea. A simple, elegant and pretty brilliant advance. I will not buy one, because I dont like the block look, but I might make a “better looking” one, with the creative commons free 3D models. And that is also a great idea! What you say about “money grubbing marketing effort” really doesnt apply now does it? They are giving away the plans! So what if an engineering student could make this, did they? No. Here it is. Buy it, or dont, but either way, STFU and stop spreading your troll hate.
    This hatred for “hipsters” sounds so much like carmudgeaonish ramblings of the guy that smells like piss on the subway. An old fart, that doesnt understand change. Without extremes breaking the way for the mainstream, there would be no technological advancement. Are you, Robin, willing to put your ego in front of progress? Have you invented something that the world should know about? Or are you (much more likely) an armchair critic, a dick in a dark room. How about going for a bike ride and relax before writing any more vitrol, eh?

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