Here are the one’s we’ve found so far:

  • Pearl Izumi’s 4D chamois tested by Dave Zabriskie on Uranus (see video above, via BikeCarson).
  • 450g Air-0 (aero, get it?) road bike frame from Carbon Copy Components (aka: Angry Asian Manufacturing) that uses compressed air inside the insanely light $8,000 frame to strengthen the carbon by putting pressure on it from the inside out, thus requiring less material.
  • Bontrager hinting at some “Perpetual Motion” shoes…you get ’em spinning and they do the rest, via Twitter.
  • Mainline Cycles to open a waxing salon for roadies in their shop.
  • Cyclocross “leaks” news that carbon disc wheels will be all the rage next ‘cross season. (thanks to Plum for the tip!)
  • The Gary Fisher Cycling Fashion Generator…just mount it to your bike and it figures out the best fashion for you and your ride. (thanks to Eryn for the tip!)
  • Added 4/9/10 – Cane Creek to produce first-ever bicycle stabilizing headset. Link here.

Check out more in the comments from our readers.  Got any more good ones?  Leave a comment and share it with us!


  1. I guess Pearl Izumi’s plan to hire a dozen 4th grade boys to do their April Fools joke went through perfectly.

    Two minutes and 41 seconds of Uranus jokes is the best they could do?

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