The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel is reporting that Adam Schmidt has resurrected the event and that 24 Hours of 9 Mile is back on the books!

Called the Wassau 24, the new event is scheduled for July 31 to August 1, it’ll include both 12- and 24-hour events for solo and 4-person teams.  The 12 hour event will have 2-person teams.  Registration is set to open April 10 and starts at $75 per person.

Schmidt, the owner of Muddy Paws Racing and director of the Trek Big Ring Classic (a WORS race at Nine Mile), stepped in to pick up the pieces left behind by Granny Gear.

Schmidt’s quoted as saying “It’s done, it’s a go.  We want to be here for our fellow mountain bikers.”

Check out the Facebook event page for more details. Hat tip to Ryan for the heads up on this!

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