Couple of pretty much true rumors for your morning water cooler talk:

  1. Shimano’s long-ago announced next gen Flight Deck that’ll feature heart rate, altitude, incline and other awesome new ways to distract you while you’re riding was put on hold for undisclosed reasons, but a few “over beers” conversations at NAHBS basically point to transitioning the product from old-school wireless to the ANT+ standard. The hope now is that’ll it’ll work with third party ANT+ goodies like power meters, HR monitors, etc. Oh, and it’s supposed to have wireless PC connectivity, too.
  2. Shimano’s developing full groups intended solely for electric bicycles. The e-bike component plans were formally announced to bike manufacturers just prior to the Taipei show and will be ready for spec on model year 2012 bikes.
  3. Santa Cruz has announced but not disclosed that they have three new long-travel mountain bikes coming out in April. Several editors that live within spittin’ distance of their California HQ have had a chance to ride them, but no pics or anything are coming until at least April 1. In the meantime, you can see a fuzzed out photo that shows you absolutely nothing worthwhile by casting your peepers upward.


What do you think?