target-liberty-of-london-floral-bicycleTarget launched their Liberty of London line this past Sunday, March 14, and the 26″ Ladies Cruiser is already out of stock online and in stores (theoretically, they may just not have them in yet, but the matching boys and girls bikes are available).

Like the Republic Dutch bike, it’s made of Hi-Ten steel and relies on a rear coaster brake to stop.  Beyond that, the similarities mostly end, and unlike the Republic, this one’s *cough* assembled for you by minimum wage, non technically trained folks.  Well, actually, in this economy, it could very well be an MBA grad putting it together for you.

Target’s website lists the bike as used to achieve “Fitness Goal: Low Impact Cardiovascular Fitness.”  We kid, but seriously, anything that gets more people into and onto bicycles is fine by us…and if that ‘anything’ is a screenprinted floral pattern, who are we to judge.  MSRP $169.99 to $199.99.

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  1. hi!.. am going to buy this bike 2nd hand.. just wanted to check if the seat and the handles were adjustable?


  2. hi i have just brought one of these bikes and do not know if i have something thats worth money or not. how much are they worth?

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