Now, if you’re outta breath like the person shooting this video, you should probably rethink hauling a 55lb trailer around behind your bike.  But if you’re die hard about being self sufficient or don’t have a ride to the next 24 hour race, this looks pretty nice.  Honestly, it’d almost be worth transporting to endurance races just to have a firm place to sleep that’s off the cold, damp ground.

The Midget Bushtrekka trailer has a unit weight capacity of 260 pounds, so apparently it can carry everything but political correctness. Packed up to a 3-foot-8 b 2-foot-9 package when rolling along behind you, it unfolds into a 7-foot by 2-foot-9 tent that can be leveled with 4-inch adjustable jacks.

Check it out at  Found at via Bicycledesign.


  1. Hi Guys,

    Sorry for the ‘breathlessness’ you have mentioned about. Not to bark up my own tree, but I shot the video in 37 dec C heat, Summer day and about 90% humidity. Also, the camera was right at my face so I could see into the small TFT screen on the back of it. I would challenge any reader to a ride. Seriously.

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