Word on the street is Granny Gear has canceled the 2010 24 Hours of Big Bear Race, which also happened to be the 24 Hour National Championships!

For the first time in 19 years, Laird Knight has decided not to run the 24 hour races in West Virginia, and he’s also canceled 9-Mile (WI) event, too, leaving only the 24 Hours of Moab on his calendar.  Originally held in Canaan, then Snowshoe (ugh!), the event settled in Big Bear (Hazelton, WV) in 2005 and was scheduled for June 12 – 13, 2010.

Spokes Magazine reports in an interview with Knight that the economics and registration numbers just weren’t high enough to support the events this year, adding that many participants are older now and have to juggle families with race schedules (what, no one under 30’s racing anymore?).  Although 2010 dates are listed on their homepage, Granny Gear’s website does not have updated info on the 2010 events or registration available.  If you’ve already paid to register or sponsor, now’s the time to start freaking out.

As of this publishing, USA Cycling has not announced an alternate venue or any official news.


  1. What does he expect when he nearly doubles the price for 24-9 from the previous year and then doesn’t even have anything to give to the racers? The past organization was doing a great job then he had to come along…Ridiculous.

  2. Prices approximately increased from $110 to $310 if registering day of the race. What the hell did he think was going to happen? In an email I received he’s putting this on the shoulders of the athletes “With the lead-time to put marketing and sponsorship programs in-place and the commitment of participants to put a renewed effort into building attendance, both of these events will be able to return and be successful.” B.S. We’ve already proved that we are not going to commit to an event at $300 a pop. Plus he’s scheduling a pow-wow to hit the proposed reset switch on the weekend the race would be held. Great so now on top of that nobody else can come in and schedule a 24 hour race to replace this world class, grade “A” screw up. Nice work. This is what happens when you try take advantage of a community of grassroots racers. I will never give another cent of my money to grannygear and encourage others to boycott this garbage.

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