NAHBS 2010Dario Pegoretti’s bicycle brand may be more well known for his inspired paint schemes than the bikes themselves (at least in the U.S., where they’re imported by Gita), but the new ‘Day is Done’ frameset above caught plenty of eyes as much for some new build features as it’s stucco-style color blocks.

Featuring seat- and chainstays that end in laterally opposed, hollow tubes, the new frame uses smaller dropouts than Pegoretti’s other bikes while creating a very unique look.

Check out all the details up close and personal after the break…


Traditionally, Pegoretti’s used large, “Breezer” style dropout shells to provide a solid welding area for his rather fat stay tubes.  With the ‘Day is Done’ he used small tubes welded to the stays at 90º, providing a stiff, wide area to attach the dropouts and tubes.  Besides looking cool, they accomplish the same strength while being much sleeker and more modern.


Subtle logo on the stay…almost a shame to cover it with a little clear chain guard.


The paint job is called a “Venizia” finish and it’s applied much like stucco with a flat spatula, then protected with a clear coat.



These flush mini-screws for the bottle cage mounts are so sleek you almost want to go without cages.


Seat collar lug has two dots to carry the holed them from the dropouts.


Yellow/Orange not your cup of tea?  There’s also this blue/green option.


The ‘Day is Done’ framesets are made of Columbus Siprit tubing with stainless steel lugs.  Frame and fork are $4,400, and this Venizia paint job is a $300 upcharge. It’s also available with any of Dario’s “standard” paint schemes, which are anything but standard, or you can commission a fully custom piece of art.  They’ll be taking orders in a few months, and turn around time could be as much as 1 to 2 years.


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