Phil Gaimon, a professional cyclists with the Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Geargrinder cycling team, is tired of being treated poorly by motorists while out riding, and now he is doing something about it.

Gaimon produces and sells the “Share the Damn Road” cycling jersey, which has the message printed on the back with “Thanks!” printed in mirror image on the front for motorists to see in their mirrors. He says the idea came to him after several interactions with drivers showed him the need to spread the message that cyclists were equally entitled to use the road.

His website offers a whole line of jerseys with “friendly” reminders for drivers in a variety of colors, which are all available for $59.95. For another $10, you can have a slogan of your own put on a jersey. The jerseys can be purchased here. Check out the other slogans after the jump.


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